Foreclosure Search Find Bank Owned, Notice of Default and Notice of Sale Homes In Orange County.

Bank Owned Explanation
Cash or Financing A home which was foreclosed upon, not purchased by a 3rd party at the trustee sale and is now owned by the bank.  It is important to note that it may or may not be available for purchase at this time.  Check with us for more details.  If you will be financing a home purchase rather than paying cash then bank owned homes are what you are looking for.

Auction Explanation
Cash Only A home for which a Notice Of Trustee Sale (Often referred to as NTS, NOT or NOS) has been issued and a trustee sale date assigned.  It is important to note that the sale date is often delayed or postponed.  Interested parties are required to pay cash in certified funds at the time of sale. A home which has a pending trustee sale may or may not be actively listed and/or listed as a short sale.  If it is listed then financing as usual is available to prospective purchasers however then pending trustee sale date should be monitored. 

Preforeclosure Explanation
Cash or Financing A home for which a Notice Of Default (Often referred to as NOD) has been issued is often termed a "preforeclosure".  The owner has defaulted on payments and a Notice Of Default has been recorded at the county recorder's office.  If, after 90 days, the owner remains in default a Notice Of Trustee Sale may be issued and recorded which allows for the trustee sale to occur 21 days following the NOTS. Homes in this category may or may not be for sale as some of these owners are trying to keep the home, some have mistakenly opted to allow foreclosure, while some are willing to consider a short sale.