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Ladera Ranch: 69 Active Short Sale Listings As Of 3/28/2010

March 28th, 2010 3:34 PM by Dave Gubler


69 homes in Ladera Ranch that are short sales as of 3/28/2010 (Active listing status).

Nearly 50% of the available homes are short sales (69 of 141)!

See All Ladera Ranch Short Sale Listings Here

What Is A Short Sale?

If you are considering a purchase in Ladera Ranch then a short sale is a great way to get a below market price on the perfect home for you and your family.  Because Ladera Ranch is a newer community in Southern California that was being developed towards the end of the real estate and mortgage boom many homeowners here are "underwater" or upside down. Credible estimates currently indicate the percentage of underwater homeowners as high as 35% in Ladera Ranch.  Some of these underwater homeowners are in a "have to sell" status due to hardship (job loss, divorce, underemployment, medical bills, etc.)  This does create a great buying opportunity for an astute buyer and affords the seller the dignity and credit advantages of short selling rather than foreclosing.

BUYER BEWARE! (Well, at least be informed and properly represented.)

Short sales are often difficult and lenghty transactions for all parties concerned.  You, the buyer, should get a better deal vs. a traditional sale but you will have to be patient and prepared.  You absolutely must have a listing agent representing you that is experienced with short sales and can (by interviewing the listing agent properly) advise you appropriately when making an offer on a particular home in Ladera Ranch. 

We (Dave Gubler and Brian Doubleday of IML Real Estate) have negotiated with and obtained 100s of resolutions with lenders over the last 3 years.  Who better than a successful short sale listing agent to advise you and represent you when buying a short sale?  We have gone so far as to actively assist short sale listing agents to (when we represent the buyer) escalate to higher bank authority, refute erroneous lender BPO valuations, eliminate deficiency judgments and much more.  

Because such a high percentage of the available homes in Ladera Ranch are short sales (69 of 141 active listings at this time) you should choose a buyer's agent that has experience listiing short sales.  We will help you determine which homes you have the best chance of success in purchasing.  We will assist the listing agent (if need be) by applying our contacts and strategies in order to expedite a short sale approval.

Don't ...

Be Afraid To Get A Better Deal (by purchasing a short sale).


 Make Sure You Are Represented By Competent and Experienced Agents Who Will Be Willing To "Roll Up Their Sleeves" and Do Some Of The Hard Work A Short Sale Requires. 

Dave Gubler / IML Real Estate


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Posted by Dave Gubler on March 28th, 2010 3:34 PM

If you can't put down 20%, then you have to prcshaue PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) which is expensive and adds to the monthly payment on the property. If you fail to pay, the bank will still repossess your house. The insurance company will pay the bank the difference between 20% and the amount you actually put down. If you put down 5% and default, the insurance company pays the bank the other 15% that you didn't pay. Mortgages are not easy to come by right now for anyone. The only way to know for sure what you can do is to contact a lender and see what you can pre-qualify for. They will not charge you anything for this service and can give you either a ballpark figure or tell you that you don't qualify at all at this time due to your credit score. Whether you qualify or not will not depend on the lender you use, but the terms of the loan may (interest rate, etc.)So find out if you qualify first before you spend a lot of time and effort only to be told that you do not. +1Was this answer helpful?
Posted by Raja on February 13th, 2012 8:10 AM



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