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Nearly One In Every Three Homes Sold In Foothill Ranch This Year Will Be A Short Sale.

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2012 Foothill Ranch Short Sale Market Report (thru 6/30/2012)




All Sales

Short Sales

% Short Sales



All Homes Sold



31.5 %



Detached Sold



23.4 %



Attached Sold



53.6 %








The raw number and percentage of short sales to standard sales has decreased in Foothill Ranch during the first half of 2012 across all categories (Detached, Attached, and Combined) except for the percentage of attached short sales. Short sales have increased to over 50% of attached (condo/townhome) sales.

Facing Foreclosure Is Hard.  We know that.  The stress and worry may feel insurmountable.  The keys to navigating through mortgage hardship are knowledge and acting upon that knowledge before your options are eliminated.

Don't Let Time Run Out. Let us do our part. We provide Foothill Ranch short sale help. As distressed property and short sale specialists we are skilled at managing your options within all stages of foreclosure.  Our business is helping families to avoid foreclosure and the consequences associated with it.  The simple secret to avoiding foreclosure - Get Started Now!  The sooner you research your options the better.The sooner we become involved with your particular circumstances the better.  The worst mistake is to let time run out.

Local Short Sale Specialists. It is vital to your success to work with someone that is familiar with your local real estate market and the trends and details specific to your neighborhood.  Dave Gubler has lived in Foothill Ranch for over 16 years and provided real estate and mortgage services here since 1997. Dave is also short sale certified by the National Association of Realtors.  More importantly, he has years of experience with short sale transactions and has negotiated 100s of successful mortgage resolutions with a wide variety of lenders.

Why Do We Provide Free Information? We know the value of trust.  We want you to know that you are our highest priority.  Any useful knowledge we can provide helps you, the community and our profession. The more knowledge we share with you the easier it will be for all of us to get the job done quickly - and get it done right.

Get Started Now. Learn about all of your options for avoiding foreclosure. We have presented a great deal of information here on our website and we invite you to learn as much as you can about avoiding foreclosure and short sales.  When you have a question or you are ready for a confidential consultation we are standing by.



Choose Experience. We Have Obtained Short Sale Resolutions For Our Past Clients With These Lenders:

Bank of America            Chase Home Mortgage      HSBC

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage      Saxon Mortgage      Litton Loan Servicing      America's Servicing Company

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.      HomEq Servicing      Aurora Loan Services

Indymac Mortgage Services      US Bank      Carrington Mortgage Services LLC      National City

EMC Mortgage Corporation      Avelo Mortgage      Wilshire Mortgage      Washington Mutual

Citimortgage      AmTrust Bank      First Franklin      GreenTree

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC     Select Portfolio Servicing     First Federal Bank of California     Popular Mortgage Servicing

GMAC      GreenPoint Mortgage      Homecomings Financial     Flagstar Bank